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More School Districts Sue E-Cigarette Manufacturer for “Vaping Epidemic”

More School Districts Sue E-Cigarette Manufacturer for “Vaping Epidemic”In 2019, some of the biggest school districts in the entire nation filed a lawsuit against an e-cigarette manufacturer, claiming that the company targeted young children and helped spark a “vaping epidemic” among high school students. In 2021, more school districts continue to join this lawsuit, with more than 300 school districts now part of the fight against the e-cigarette company. The lawsuit is being led by a California-based law firm. Schools in Los Angeles and many other districts across California have been part of this lawsuit from the beginning.

In order to achieve success, the school districts will need to rely on experienced attorneys. These legal professionals must use a range of effective tactics to hold this e-cigarette manufacturer responsible, which is not always easy. This is especially true when you consider the fact that e-cigarette companies are proving to be incredibly successful in the modern era, as these organizations will undoubtedly have access to some of the most expensive defense lawyers in the country.

Why are So Many School Districts Suing JUUL?

JUUL is the defendant that has been named in this particular lawsuit. This e-cigarette manufacturer has been accused of marketing its devices directly to children. School districts also claim that this company has not done enough to adequately warn its minor consumers about the dangers of nicotine addiction and e-cigarette usage.

These types of lawsuits have been hitting e-cigarette manufacturers with increasing frequency over the past few years. These companies have come under increased scrutiny for marketing strategies that seem to specifically target younger individuals. For example, JUUL promoted its products through social media campaigns with help from several well-known influencers who are popular among children. They also advertise “kid-friendly” flavors such as fruit juice and bubble gum. JUUL eventually took its fruit and candy-flavored products off the market when these lawsuits started to heat up.

What Kind of Injuries Can E-Cigarettes Cause?

In this specific lawsuit, the school districts are claiming that the “vaporizer epidemic” caused a wide range of damages. They claim that there are costs associated with suspending and disciplining students for using vaporizers at school. Many schools have also been forced to invest in things like vape detectors and other technology to help combat the vaporizer epidemic. Some have even hired professionals to monitor the bathrooms to ensure a vape-free environment.

But above all else, these school districts are claiming that their students are dealing with serious levels of nicotine addiction. These school districts have highlighted the need to create new programs that will help treat these addictions, and they believe that the e-cigarette manufacturer should pay for these treatment programs. Addiction is not just a physical health problem, but also a mental health issue. As a result, the school districts are claiming that they have been forced to hire more high school counselors and other mental health professionals.

Outside of this specific example, many e-cigarette manufacturers have been sued for a wide range of injuries. Some devices have exploded, while others have caused burns and even projectile injuries. Many vaporizers have batteries of poor quality, which can cause serious safety hazards. Studies show that lung injuries are common among those who regularly use e-cigarettes, which is an issue if manufacturers falsely lead consumers to believe that these devices are safer than cigarettes.

More School Districts Join the Lawsuit

More school districts are joining the lawsuit against JUUL with each passing day. In December of 2021, it was reported that several new school districts from Michigan had joined the fight against JUUL. Today, there are more than 300 school districts fighting against JUUL – from rural Mississippi to Los Angeles. The latter houses the second-largest school district in the entire nation.

But for all of these promising developments, progress is crawling forward at a snail’s pace. Both sides are coming under increased pressure to reach a settlement, and there seems to have been little progress since the lawsuit was first filed in 2019. That said, some school districts have received settlements over the years, and these districts have used their settlements to invest in vape detection systems and other programs.

Get Help From a Qualified Attorney Today

Winning a product liability lawsuit is not easy. In order to achieve success, you will need to team up with a qualified, experienced attorney in the Los Angeles area. If you want to approach this situation in the most efficient, confident manner possible, team up with Mary Alexander & Associates today. With our help, you can hold manufacturers accountable for creating substandard, dangerous products.

Whether you have been injured by an e-cigarette vaporizer or some other type of product, help is always available for those who need it. We are passionate about helping injured victims in California, so reach out and book your consultation today. We will guide you towards a considerable settlement and a positive legal outcome.

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