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Semi-Truck Accidents are Out of Control in California

Is Poor Training Causing Trucking Accidents in California

Semi-trucks are capable of causing serious harm to innocent drivers in California. But it does not have to be this way. If driven in a safe and responsible manner, these semi-trucks can be just as safe as any other truck on the road. When drivers become negligent, crashes occur. Unfortunately, semi-trucks cause more damage in crashes due to their weight, size, and tendency to carry more dangerous cargo – such as flammable materials.

Even if trucks are carrying safe cargo, their large fuel tanks can cause massive explosions and ignitions after crashes. Semi-trucks are also much less maneuverable with longer braking distances. This means that if a trucker is not paying close attention and slams on the brakes too late, there is nothing that can stop the momentum of a semi-truck. Unfortunately, there have been many semi-truck accidents in California within the past few weeks alone. Many of these crashes have led to serious injuries, and some have been fatal.

Victims Trapped and Injured After Semi-Truck Accident in Beaumont

 On October 26, 2022, it was reported that a serious semi-truck accident left victims trapped and severely injured near Beaumont. A total of three semi-trucks had collided in the accident, trapping two people inside the wreckage. Firefighters responded at approximately 4:30 AM and were able to extricate both of the victims. One of these individuals suffered a serious injury, and both were transported to a nearby hospital. The collision also caused the closure of three lanes on Freeway 10. The exact cause of the accident has not been revealed, but the California Highway Patrol reports that they are investigating the incident. This shows that semi-truck accidents can affect other truckers as well as innocent motorists.

One Dead in Fatal Semi-Truck Accident Near Los Banos

 On October 17, 2022, it was reported that a semi-truck accident near Los Banos resulted in one fatality. Again, this crash only involved semi-trucks, and two of these vehicles crashed into each other at approximately 11:45 PM. Paramedics attempted to save the lives of the victims, but only one individual survived. The deceased victim was a 36-year-old trucker from Cantua Creek. Investigators eventually determined that one of the trucks drifted slightly out of its lane, impacting the shoulder and causing the rear trailer to sway into oncoming traffic. This caused the second semi-truck to impact the trailer, killing the driver of the first truck. The second trucker was not injured.

Officials say that neither drugs nor alcohol was involved in this accident. However, that does not necessarily mean that there was no negligent behavior before the crash. The manner in which the first truck veered into the shoulder may indicate that the trucker was distracted in some way – perhaps by a phone. Another potential cause of this type of crash is driver fatigue, as a trucker who is struggling to stay awake may veer out of their lane.

California Resident Killed By Semi-Truck Accident

 On October 21, 2022, it was reported that a resident of California lost their life in a semi-truck accident involving two semi-trucks and a tow truck. The accident took place in Amarillo, Texas, at about 5:15 AM. It began when a semi-truck approached a tow truck and a second semi-truck that were both legally parked on the shoulder of I-40. The tow truck operator had just connected his tow truck to the semi-truck and was preparing to move it away.

He was standing next to the truck on the outside of the shoulder when the semi-truck driving down I-40 drifted onto the shoulder and struck the tow truck, the parked semi-truck, and the tow truck operator. The semi-truck then continued down the highway before flipping into a ditch and killing the driver – who was a resident of California. The tow truck operator was also killed by the initial impact. The exact circumstances of the accident were then investigated by the Texas Highway Patrol.

School Bus Hit by Semi-Truck in McArthur

 On October 19, it was reported that a school bus full of Kindergarten students was struck by a semi-truck. The children were returning from a field trip to a nearby pumpkin patch – a trip that has become an annual tradition for Fall River Elementary School. The crash occurred when the school bus attempted a left-hand turn on Highway 299. Midway through the turn, the school bus was struck by a semi-truck.

Although the semi-truck slammed on the brakes, the impact caused serious damage to the rear bumper of the school bus. Several students were immediately transferred to a nearby hospital – although it was later reported that this was mostly a precautionary measure, and that no one suffered serious injuries. However, this shows how difficult it can be for a semi-truck to brake effectively at a moment’s notice.

Semi-Truck Crashes into Delivery Truck

 Also on October 19, it was reported that a semi-truck collided with a delivery truck in Blue Canyon, California. I-80 had to be closed for several hours due to the crash. No further details were released by the highway patrol, although one can assume that it was serious enough to close down the highway and that injuries may have occurred.

Where Can I Find a Qualified Semi-Truck Accident Attorney in California?

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