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Sports Fans are Being Seriously Injured in Los Angeles

Sports Fans are Being Seriously Injured in Los AngelesAttending live sports games is one of the most popular pastimes in the Greater Los Angeles area. There is something truly unique about being in a large, cheering crowd and watching your favorite team play. Los Angeles is home to some of the world’s most popular teams, and local residents can watch live games of basketball, football, baseball, and even soccer. Unfortunately, not all fans have a pleasant experience when they attend games. Some suffer serious, life-altering injuries due to various factors inside and outside of the stadium. In some cases, fans even lose their lives.

Despite boasting among the most modern sports facilities and stadiums, Los Angeles fans can become injured for a number of reasons. Firstly, fans can be injured by each other. It is no secret that some people feel very strongly about their favorite teams – enough to engage in physical altercations with other supporters.

Sometimes, fans simply injure themselves due to the frantic nature of these live events. Because of the design of stadiums, it is possible to fall long distances down steep staircases, resulting in serious injuries. Fans may also be injured by wayward sports equipment, such as a baseball or a puck flying at high velocity. In addition, fans may be injured by law enforcement officers who are trying to control unstable situations. Sometimes, officers can go too far, causing serious injuries to fans that are not really posing a threat to anyone.

Regardless of what causes these injuries, the consequences can be quite severe. Fans may be left with considerable medical expenses, along with weeks or months of missed wages. Sometimes, fans never fully recover from these injuries. In addition, their experiences can be highly traumatic, resulting in PTSD, emotional distress, and a loss of enjoyment of life. Because of these factors, it is very important to pursue a fair, adequate level of compensation. You can do this by contacting a qualified, experienced personal injury attorney in Los Angeles. Our legal professionals can make sure that you have enough money to cover your medical expenses, missed wages, and other damages.

Dodgers Fan Blinded by LAPD

On February 23rd, it was reported that a Dodgers fan was suing the LAPD. This fan claims that he was partially blinded by a projectile fired by a law enforcement officer while he was celebrating the Dodgers’ World Series victory. He also claims that his eye damage is permanent. The 22-year-old, a student at California State University, was allegedly trying to leave the area after the victory in 2020, and he made a movement towards the police officers in order to assist his friend. According to the fan, he was then struck in the right eye by a projectile fired by an officer.

It is unclear what type of projectile was fired, but it may have been a bean bag round or a rubber bullet. These types of rounds are often touted as being non-lethal, but they do in fact have the ability to kill or maim under certain circumstances. It is also unclear why the officer felt the need to discharge their weapon, as the 22-year-old fan was reportedly more than 60 feet away at the time. This means that he did not pose an imminent threat to the law enforcement officers assembled in the area.

Dodgers Fan Killed by Stray Baseball

In a 2019 incident that most Dodgers fans remember clearly, a wayward baseball struck an elderly woman in the stadium, causing her to eventually pass away. This occurred during a game against the San Diego Padres. It was the ninth inning, and one of the Padres batters hit a foul ball. The baseball then traveled to section 106, where a 79-year-old woman was seated. The ball struck her in the cranium, and it initially appeared to be a non-fatal injury. The woman did not lose consciousness, but was immediately suffering from internal bleeding inside of the cranium.

The woman was raced to a nearby hospital, where she underwent brain surgery before being put on a ventilator. Unfortunately, this woman eventually succumbed to an intracranial hemorrhage and passed away.

This incident raised serious legal questions for the MLB. Concerned fans and observers started to ask why there was no protective netting above the fans. Many other individuals have been struck by baseballs in the past. Although deaths are relatively rare, injuries are much more common. The official stance of the MLB is that fans assume the inherent risks of attending a baseball game, and they shoulder no liability.

49ers Fan in Coma after Physical Altercation

On February 3rd, it was reported that a 49ers fan had been severely injured after a physical altercation outside SoFi Stadium. A 40-year-old 49ers fan was apparently punched in the face by a Rams fan during a NFC championship game. This caused him to fall and strike his head on the cement of the parking lot. The individual was then transported to a nearby hospital, where he was placed in a medically-induced coma. Based on surveillance footage, the scuffle seemed to erupt out of nowhere, and it began with shoving. The 49ers fan reportedly suffered facial fractures and internal bleeding in his cranium, causing swelling of the brain.

Inglewood Mayor James T. Butts Jr. told the press that he believed there was adequate security in that parking lot. However, this may be disputed in the future, and there may be a negligent security lawsuit filed.

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