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Suing After Your Child Suffers a Concussion in California

Suing After Your Child Suffers a Concussion in California

Parents have every right to be concerned after their children suffer concussions in California. Recent studies have shown how detrimental these injuries can be, and many children suffer from permanent health consequences for the rest of their lives after suffering TBIs (traumatic brain injuries). If your child has suffered a concussion or a head injury, they may be struggling with a wide range of symptoms, including personality changes, loss of motor control, depression, and many other issues. You might be wondering how you are going to pay for all of their medical expenses – especially if these symptoms seem permanent.

Fortunately, it may be possible to file a lawsuit and receive compensation for your child’s injury. In order to do this, you will need to show that someone else’s negligence led to your child’s accident. If your child was injured at school or during their athletic endeavors, you might have the ability to sue those who were responsible for supervising them. There are many other situations that could allow you to sue for your child’s head injury. But what does the recent data say about child head injuries, and how easy will it be for you to sue?

Child Concussions in California Sports Games are Common

 Children suffer concussions on a fairly regular basis in California. In April of 2022, it was reported that a girl in Corona suffered her third straight concussion while playing lacrosse. The child had been playing lacrosse for many years and was considered a rising star in the sport. But with so many concussions, she was beginning to exhibit serious medical issues. A third concussion put her lacrosse career on hold, and she is apparently suffering from serious cognitive decline.

Her father says she does not remember family members or friends, stating that her personality is completely at odds with the bright, charismatic person she once was. The concussion was clearly preventable, as none of the girls in her league wore helmets. Along with medical experts, the girl’s father is now pushing for change in girls’ contact sports – including mandatory helmet use. There is no indication of how long the girl’s recovery will take, and doctors say it could last years. This story shows how children can suffer progressively worse outcomes with repeated concussions. It also shows how the competitive nature of children’s sports can encourage them to return to full-contact games without adequate recovery time.

But even “low-contact” sports like basketball also pose head injury risks. In September of 2022, it was reported that a child struck another player on a basketball court in Orange County, causing the victim to suffer a concussion. But the story does not end there: it was later revealed that the child had punched the other player in the neck after being instructed to do so by her mother.

The mother allegedly yelled at her daughter: “You better hit her for that,” after the victim allegedly engaged in rough play. Prosecutors say that this was the catalyst that caused the child to act out and that it would not have even entered her mind if not for her mother’s words. The issue became even more controversial because the child who hit the other player is the daughter of a pro basketball player. This shows that concussions are sometimes intentionally caused rather than being “part of the game.”

In December of 2022, a Minnesota girl shared her own concussion experience with the world. Like the aforementioned lacrosse player, this athlete suffered three concussions within a short period of time. Two concussions came within just six months. After struggling with a range of symptoms like dizziness and persistent headaches, the girl decided to take a break from school. She also allegedly suffered from blurred vision and poor balance. Eventually, she was diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome – but her parents let her continue playing sports. Now, the girl says she feels socially withdrawn – a common consequence of head injury. Her message to the world is simple: high school sports are not worth a lifetime of brain injury.

Most Concussion Research is Based on Men

 All of the above stories involve female athletes – people you would not normally associate with high-contact sports and serious head injuries. But these injuries are quite common among girls. In 2022, NPR published an article highlighting the fact that most concussion research is based on male athletes. The article focused on the journey of pro soccer player Lindsay Simpson, who suffered her first concussion at the age of 16.

At this point in time, many experts in the medical field were completely unaware of the consequences of concussions. While our knowledge of concussions has improved, the data surrounding female athletes is still lacking. Early research suggests that females may be more susceptible to concussions than men, but it’s too early to draw any concrete conclusions. We do know that girls soccer causes more high school concussions than any other sport except for football.

Where Can I Find a Qualified, Experienced Child Concussion Lawyer in California?

If you need help suing for your child’s head injury in California, look no further than Mary Alexander & Associates. Over the years, we have helped numerous injured plaintiffs – including those suffering from head injuries, concussions, and a range of similar injuries. We know that these injuries can affect children for the rest of their lives. It’s always a safe bet to pursue compensation for these injuries because you never know whether your child’s brain injury will worsen in the future. Although you can’t go back in time and prevent your child’s brain injury, you can make sure they have the compensation they need to cover future medical expenses and other damages.

Booking a consultation with Mary Alexander & Associates is easy. Give us a call and start the legal process. Remember, the statute of limitations may prevent you from suing if you wait too long – and internet research can only get you so far.

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