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Suing for a Theme Park Accident in California

Suing for a Theme Park Accident in California

A trip to your local theme park is supposed to be fun and interesting – a break from the monotony of work and a chance to let loose. Unfortunately, many families experience far more stress, pain, and injury than they expect after visiting Disneyland, Universal Studios, or one of the many other theme parks in California. The truth is that it is all too easy to suffer serious injuries at a theme park, and victims are usually left with serious, life-altering injuries. Some people even lose their lives due to theme park accidents, often causing serious controversy and making headlines across the nation.

So, how do these individuals pursue justice? How do family members of deceased loved ones ensure that guilty parties are held accountable? How can these victims pay for their medical expenses, missed wages, emotional distress, and other life-altering damages?

Disneyland Staff Allegedly Laughed at Injured Disabled Woman Before Her Death

 On January 22nd, it was reported that Disneyland was facing yet another lawsuit involving the death of a guest. The surviving family of a deceased woman filed a lawsuit against the entertainment company, making startling allegations against staff members and the entire theme park. A 66-year-old woman with a disability apparently attempted to enter the Jungle Cruise Ride in 2021, accompanied by her two daughters. The ride went off without a hitch – but disaster struck when she attempted to exit the ride.

As her daughters attempted to assist her once again, she stumbled on what the lawsuit calls “small, unsecured blocks.” She slipped and fell, causing a femur fracture. It was at this point that the Disney employees watching the incident allegedly broke out in laughter. In fact, they were already “snickering” at her as she attempted to exit the boat with considerable difficulty due to her disability.

Finally, she was taken to a nearby hospital for surgery. For the next five months, she would undergo a grueling rehabilitation process. In the end, however, sepsis due to infection claimed her life. As a result, the family decided to sue Disney for her wrongful death. In their lawsuit, they claim that Disneyland violated the Americans with Disabilities Act when they failed to provide her with a wheelchair-accessible option for the Jungle Cruise boat ride. They are seeking compensation for numerous damages, including humiliation, mental costs, and funeral expenses.

Riverside Girl Struck in the Face by Flying Phone While Riding Roller Coaster

 Back in July of 2022, it was reported that a girl in Riverside suffered serious facial injuries after riding the Twisted Colossus roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain. The ride started normally, but disaster struck after a few seconds. Suddenly, the mother turned to see her daughter screaming in pain and clutching her face. Although it was clear that the girl had suffered a serious injury, the roller coaster was too wild for the parents to determine what went wrong. It was only when the roller coaster came to a complete stop that the mother got a clear look at the injury.

The girl was bleeding heavily from her face. The mother signaled to theme park staff that they needed medical attention, but delays meant that the only care the girl received was from a good samaritan who had a supply of baby wipes ready. Eventually, it became clear that the injury had been caused by a flying smartphone. An individual walked over, seemingly unbothered by the injury, and focused on finding his phone. Having collected the device, he promptly left the scene of the accident after suggesting the girl was overreacting to a minor injury.

The father was incensed, and he believes that walking away from the scene of an accident in that matter is the same as committing a hit-and-run on the road. He also stated that the park’s security team refused to hand over surveillance footage to help the family track down the culprit. Unfortunately, this family’s options for legal action are limited. The fault lies completely in the hands of the person who lost the phone – and the park itself seems to have exhibited no negligence. That being said, a lawsuit could be possible under certain circumstances.

This was not the first time Six Flags has experienced controversy. Around the same time in the summer of 2022, five people were hospitalized in New Jersey after a mishap on the El Toro ride. Witnesses report hearing a loud bang and watching the roller coaster jolt wildly. Passengers on the ride suffered a range of neck and back injuries. At least two people suffered mouth and tongue injuries.

Theme Park Accidents Are Common in California

 California has seen some worrying theme park accidents within the past year. In June of 2022, a robotic spider-man crashed into a wall. Videos of the incident went viral, with many people laughing at the utter failure of the superhero. However, this incident shows how faulty many of these attractions are. This may have led to a hilarious internet moment, but what if spider-man had crashed into a crowd of people instead of a wall?

On January 23rd of 2023, a stunt performer suffered serious injuries after a performance went wrong at Universal Studios Hollywood. With the crowd watching, this performer dove into the water and never came back up. After an awkward pause, another performer jumped into the water and retrieved the unconscious body of the victim. It is not clear what caused the accident, but Universal Studios immediately released a statement ensuring everyone that safety is their top priority.

Where Can I Find a Qualified, Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in California?

 If you have been searching for a qualified personal injury attorney in California, look no further than Mary Alexander & Associates. Over the years, we have helped numerous injured plaintiffs strive for justice and financial compensation. We know that many theme parks are incredibly unsafe, and you deserve the right to hold negligent parties accountable for their gross misconduct. Book your consultation today, and we can assess your unique situation. From there, we can get started with an action plan catered to your specific circumstances. Reach out today to get the ball rolling.

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