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Suing for Injuries at a California Music Festival

For many decades, music festivals have drawn in plenty of visitors across the United States. Southern California certainly hosts its fair share of these festivals, including Coachella, Portola, Aftershock, and many others. Unfortunately, these music festivals are not always safe. Attendees may suffer a range of injuries while at these festivals, and the organizers must do everything in their power to minimize hazards and prevent harm. Many festival-goers have sued organizers of these events due to clear negligence. If you believe that you suffered preventable injuries at a music festival in California, you might have the ability to pursue compensation for your damages.

Portola Organizers Sued Due to Woman’s Fall

Suing for Injuries at a California Music FestivalIn September of 2023, it was reported that the organizers of the Portola Music Festival were being sued by a previous attendee. This attendee claims to have fallen at the 2022 event, and she argues that her injuries were caused by the organizers’ negligence. The company that organized the event is none other than Non Plus Ultra Events. According to the plaintiff, these organizers failed to use barricades and other methods to ensure that areas were safe for festival-goers. The lawsuit states:

“As the music festival began, attendees began running towards and pushing the metal barricades, causing them to collapse and causing [the plaintiff] to fall and sustain injuries.”

 As we have seen with so many other festivals, 2022’s Portola event was fraught with unruly people breaking rules and “rushing” the stage. This led to a stampede of sorts when festival-goers were forced to wait outside of a warehouse. Overwhelmed by the sheer number of people, security staff could only watch as festival-goers clambered over the fence and eventually knocked down the barrier altogether.

Despite this incident, Portola staff seem to have allowed the same hazards to occur on the next day of the festival. However, it is worth mentioning that they increased their security presence. It still was not enough to stop the stampede, and there was at least one confirmed injury – a sprained ankle. It is not clear exactly what kind of injuries the plaintiff suffered, but it seems to have involved a fall – potentially caused by the stampeding guests and the knocked-down barriers.

Festival Injuries Have Become a Major Focus Across the Nation

This is only the latest in a series of festival-related injuries across the nation. However, these incidents are not inevitable, and concerned critics are right to point out that virtually any safety hazard can be addressed with the right strategies.

Perhaps the most notable recent example of a similar lawsuit involves the “Electric Zoo” festival that occurred in New York. This festival apparently saw stampedes of people similar to those seen in Portola, and there were numerous complaints about overcrowding. It was later confirmed that the organizers oversold tickets, which means that they were aware that they would be dealing with an over-capacity crowd.

A similar incident occurred at the 2021 Astroworld Festival in Texas. This was probably the worst festival disaster in recent memory, as the stampedes resulted in numerous deaths and serious injuries. Some of the deceased victims were as young as nine years old, and medical experts say they experienced something similar to being “crushed by a car.” A total of 10 people lost their lives due to “compression asphyxia,” and some of the musicians are now being questioned about their involvement in the catastrophe. As you might expect, many of the victims and their families are now suing the festival organizers.

A Wide Range of Additional Injuries are Possible at Music Festivals

Although compression asphyxia, falls, and other injuries related to stampedes seem to be especially common, many other injuries are possible for festival-goers. For example, a festival goer might be assaulted while trying to enjoy the music. A vulnerable individual might also suffer some kind of sexual harassment or sexual assault. The use of pyrotechnics and other technology in performances may cause injuries to audience members. There is a wide range of things that can go wrong when you put so many people together in a small area and attempt to manage them with just a handful of security staff.

Where Can I Find an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in California?

If you have been searching for a personal injury attorney in California who can help with your music festival lawsuit, look no further than Mary Alexander & Associates. We know that when crowds get together and things get a little wild, all kinds of injuries may occur. While some of these injuries are unavoidable, others are clearly the result of negligence. Book your consultation today to discuss your legal options and assess the most appropriate course of action.

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