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TwitchCon’s Foam Pit Controversy Explained

TwitchCon’s Foam Pit Controversy Explained

TwitchCon is one of the most popular events for streamers and gamers, drawing in many thousands of people who want to celebrate the world’s largest streaming platform. Twitch’s most famous celebrities attend these events and participate in all kinds of games and activities, and millions more watch the event being streamed online. But TwitchCon is not all fun and games, and the most recent event in San Diego has proven to be incredibly controversial. Numerous people reported all kinds of issues with the event, including a general lack of security. But the most notable controversy involved a foam pit that was allegedly unsafe – leading to serious injuries suffered by some of the platform’s most renowned celebrities. This story continues to develop, and it may lead to a lawsuit in the future. But what should you do if you have been injured at a major event like TwitchCon?

The Foam Pit Accident Explained

 On October 10th, it was reported that two individuals were injured after participating in a so-called “foam pit” activity at TwitchCon in San Diego. The pit consisted of a shallow pool filled with foam cubes. At the bottom of the pit was bare concrete, although many participants had no idea that this hazardous surface lurked underneath the layer of seemingly soft foam cubes. The activity involved two contestants battling each other on a platform raised above the pit. Inevitably, some contestants fell off the platform and into the foam pit.

One of the individuals who tumbled from the platform was Adriana Chechik, one of Twitch’s most well-known streamers. She impacted the concrete in an awkward manner, allegedly breaking her back in two places. According to a recent social media statement, Chechik reportedly underwent surgery – possibly to insert a supporting rod in her spine. The exact details of her medical treatment are not known, but she has been regularly posting about having difficulty walking, has been collapsing, and has had other issues. The irony is that Chechik actually “won” her battle in the foam pit, and she only descended from the platform as part of a victory celebration. This shows that the foam pit was dangerous for all contestants – whether they won their battles or simply tried to descend from the platform in a controlled manner.

According to Gizmodo, doctors who have seen the video footage of this injury suggest that Chechik may have suffered a compression fracture. In addition, she may have suffered several fractured vertebrae, according to another doctor who viewed the footage.

Chechik was not the only one who was injured while competing in this event. A streamer known as LochVaness also suffered an injury after entering the foam pit – later posting an image of herself in a wheelchair. However, she clarified on social media that she was simply “very sore,” implying that she had suffered no permanent injuries.

Like Chechik, it seems as though LochVaness became injured after jumping from the platform in a victory leap when she won her battle. She later stated that she suffered a serious injury to her kneecap, which required medical staff to set it back in place. While this injury is not permanent, LochVaness reportedly requires rehabilitation therapy from a trained sports medicine specialist in order to fully heal. This may take many months, and a scheduled MRI may determine that she requires additional surgery in the future.

Reports of Inadequate Security

 While the foam pit injuries took center stage, TwitchCon 2022 was plagued by many other issues and concerns. Poor security was one of the most common complaints, with various reports of violence and even stalking. Another common concern was the lack of accessibility for disabled attendees. One well-known male streamer had to repeatedly tell a woman that he was “taken,” and even after these warnings she repeatedly touched him without permission and made advances toward him. There were many other reports of so-called “predatory behavior.”

Is Twitch to Blame?

 Amidst all of these reports, people are beginning to point the finger at Twitch. But is this company really to blame? This is something that will need to be explored further if any of the alleged victims decide to move forward with injury lawsuits. Inadequate security can be the basis for a personal injury lawsuit, although victims must have suffered real damages in order to sue. However, these “damages” do not necessarily need to be physical injuries. An incident involving sexual assault, abuse, or harassment can easily lead to lawsuits – especially if the event clearly had inadequate security. Lawsuits may also be filed if there was a serious lack of accessibility for disabled attendees.

But what about Adriana Chechik and LochVaness? These two individuals likely have an opportunity to sue Twitch for injuries. However, Twitch seems to have denied liability by pointing out that the foam pit event was organized entirely by Intel and Lenovo. They also stated that all participants signed injury waivers before competing. Regardless, the foam pit activity still took place within an event organized by Twitch, and it was on premises that had been leased by this tech company. Furthermore, waivers may not be sufficient to avoid lawsuits. It should be noted that Twitch, Lenovo, and Intel have all failed to reach out to either Chechik or LochVaness in any way as of this writing.

Where Can I Find a Qualified Personal Injury Attorney in California?

 If you’ve been injured at a major event like TwitchCon, you should get in touch with a qualified, experienced personal injury attorney at your earliest convenience. Mary Alexander & Associates, P.C. has been serving injured plaintiffs in California for many years, and has considerable experience with premise liability and other related injury cases. Event organizers have a legal responsibility to protect the safety of guests and performers at all times. If they fail to exercise this duty of care and injuries occur as a result, victims have every right to file personal injury lawsuits. These lawsuits can provide compensation for things like medical expenses, missed wages, emotional distress, and much more. Book your consultation with Mary Alexander & Associates today to discuss your legal options.

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