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Update On Laws Fighting Clergy Abuse in California

Mary Alexander & Associates is alerting the public to new breakthroughs in clergy abuse cases, legislation and investigations throughout the state of California.

Stories of abuse suffered by thousands of Californians (particularly male victims) at the hands of pedophile priests and predatory clergy members have finally come to light in numerous California cities, such as San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego. The law in California has recently undergone numerous changes that have allowed victims to come forward and hold the people who committed these heinous crimes accountable.

Governor Newsom signed Assembly Bill 218 in 2019 allowing new lawsuits to be filed after January 2020. Most California Roman Catholic bishops are asking judges to throw out the cases of clergy sexual abuse to sue because the cases happened many decades ago. Among the arguments was the assertion that the amount of time that had passed could make it harder for the defense to gather evidence.

With more cases against the catholic diocese filed every day, more victims have had the courage to come forward, and we are ready to help them through their case. At Mary Alexander and Associates our attorneys are ready to defend those who have suffered from these terrible crimes committed by pedophile priests and predatory clergy members who abused their positions. Thousands of survivors of abuse have successfully sought justice, and many have been awarded compensation. The laws in California have adjusted to better address the ever-widening scope of this problem, so if you are ready to seek justice, our experienced California clergy abuse attorneys are here to help.

Mary Alexander & Associates has been successfully fighting for its clients for years. Our attorneys have handled various child sexual abuse and clergy abuse cases, winning millions in verdicts and settlements for our clients. These include a $3 million result in a clergy abuse case.

To learn more, go to or call us at 415-433-4440. If you are a survivor or know of one, please contact our law firm and let us be of service.

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