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2 pedestrian fatalities in 24 hours in San Francisco

The first accident occurred on Thursday, Dec. 19, in Chinatown. An elderly woman had pulled up to an open spot on Jackson Street. While she was attempting to park the car, she suddenly accelerated. The news report did not say what caused her to accelerate, but when she did, she struck two pedestrians and collided … Read More

University of California burn unit home to oil explosion victim

A man received emergency transport to the University of California earlier this month after he was injured in an explosion at the oil refinery where he worked. Although the young man was placed in the capable hands of the staff at the Davis Burn Center, it will likely be a difficult road for the 24-year-old … Read More

‘I’m just so thirsty’ says burn injury victim

In our San Francisco Personal Injury Law Blog, we share the fact that those that are harmed by another’s negligent can seek compensation for their injuries, lost wages, medical bills and other damages. While a lot of personal injury cases focus on negligent actions, a victim of intentional actions can file a claim as well. … Read More

Child with cerebral palsy lives a different life than peers

Children in California with a disability like cerebral palsy can accomplish amazing feats. Their courage and determination alone is often astonishing, but the truth is that their childhood is different from their peers. The challenges that they often face are not easy. For instance, even holding a pencil can take years of training. In order … Read More

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