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Fault in pedestrian motor vehicle accidents

Serious injuries or fatalities may occur when motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians take place, and around 5,000 pedestrians die yearly due to auto accidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association. When a crash in California injures or kills a pedestrian, a victim or family members may be able to recover damages when the … Read More

E-cigarette explodes, burns man’s face

According to reports, a California man suffered burns to his face when an e-cigarette at his place of employment exploded, causing him injury. The accident reportedly occurred on Feb. 8 at the Stage Stop Liquor Store in Ramona where the man worked. Reportedly, the cigarette exploded, cutting the man’s face and breaking a glass display … Read More

The effects of spinal cord injury on the gastrointestinal tract

Spinal cord injuries can be the result of slips and falls, birth defects or car accidents. California residents may benefit form learning more about the long-term complications that acute or chronic injuries to the spinal cord could have. One of these complications is gastrointestinal tract dysfunction. After a chronic spinal cord injury, the flexibility and … Read More

Traumatic brain injuries in California

Researchers have discovered that an innovative eye-tracking technology can be used to detect the presence of concussions in patients who have suffered head trauma. The device detects abnormal eye movements and can quantify the severity of a head injury when patients seek medical care in an emergency department after receiving a blow to the head. … Read More

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