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Myelin damage may be key to prognosis after brain injury

A recent study conducted by researchers at two California universities indicates that brain injury recovery times may be linked to myelin, a fatty substance that acts as an insulator for nerve fibers. The research team hypothesized that trauma may damage the brain’s myelin, and thereby lessen the speed of information transmission in the brain. One … Read More

Teen charged after hit and run kills pedestrian in California

A California teenager faces criminal charges after a fatal car accident involving a pedestrian in San Leandro on June 18. The 18-year-old male from Hayward was charged on June 27 for the accident that took place at the intersection of Thronally Drive and Hesperian Boulevard. The pedestrian accident occurred at around 9 a.m., when a 26-year-old … Read More

Moving around appears to be beneficial to TBI sufferers

Recent research has produced important findings for California residents who have suffered an injury to the brain. The prevailing medical wisdom has been that the increased blood flow associated with exercise could be harmful to those who have suffered brain trauma, and those who have come from surgery were strongly encouraged to lie still and … Read More

Mild brain injuries may prove fatal, research finds

For California residents who have suffered a head trauma, a new study gives cause for concern and further reason to pursue compensation for brain injuries caused by negligence. Results published in the Journal of Neurology, NeuroSurgery and Psychiatry show higher rates of death after a diagnosis of mild traumatic brain injury. Direct causes of increased … Read More

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