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4 killed and many injured when car runs into crowd at parade

As California residents celebrate homecoming festivities at schools and colleges across the state, a homecoming parade in another state was the scene of a fatal accident. On Oct. 24, an alleged drunk driver crashed into a crowd of spectators at Oklahoma State University’s homecoming parade. At least four people were killed in the crash. The … Read More

New treatment may be ahead for severe burns

A California biotechnology firm is involved in the development of a new treatment that could significantly alter the treatment and prognosis of people who have been badly burned. Engineered skin substitute, also known as ESS, uses both collagen-producing cells and a patient’s own skin to regrow the layers. Skin grafts using a patient’s own skin … Read More

Brain injuries in California

A seemingly countless number of patients are seen in California emergency rooms and trauma centers each year after suffering from a traumatic brain injury. Whether the accidents occur on the football field or during a car crash, people often experience long-term problems related to brain swelling and blunt-force impact. Researchers have found that some enduring … Read More

New tests may help California TBI patients

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, traumatic brain injuries account for 30 percent of accident-related deaths each year around the country. The agency has asserted that those deaths cost the United States $75.6 million annually. While there is no cure for TBIs, researchers believe that they may be able to stop an … Read More

Teens’ consumption of energy drinks linked to brain injuries

California teenagers who love energy drinks should be aware that they may be more likely to suffer a traumatic brain injury. One study found that teens who suffered a brain injury were seven times more likely to have consumed five or more energy drinks within one week of suffering the serious injury. Energy drinks are … Read More

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