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Berkeley balcony collapse draws attention to serious safety issue

While she was traveling in Ireland, newspaper Irish Independent sought Mary Alexander’s input concerning the Berkeley balcony collapse and the potential legal issues that could follow. Mary has represented victims and their families in balcony lawsuits involving very similar circumstances, including a case involving another residential balcony collapse that occurred in 2009.

Mary noted to the Irish Independent that structural integrity is an issue in the San Francisco Bay Area. The weather that makes it such a wonderful place to live and visit is very hard on building materials, especially wood – something city officials have targeted in their investigation of the Berkeley accident. Knowing the high potential for issues such as dry rot, everyone involved in the construction and real estate industries have a duty to make sure buildings they erect and maintained buildings properly. Unfortunately, not all people take this responsibility as serious as they should.

They cut corners by using subpar materials, fail to give appropriate attention to structural engineering or don’t spend money on necessary repairs, putting innocent lives in very serious danger. When their actions fall below reasonable standards, victims and their families can file a lawsuit for compensation.

A lawsuit may not seem like a priority during a time of mourning, but it is crucial that anyone involved in this type of situation get an experienced personal injury attorney involved as soon as possible.

The attorney can work alongside others involved in any investigation to help make sure that evidence is not lost or destroyed. In addition, the attorney can take care of details that are often very confusing, frustrating and stressful for the family – like dealing with insurance companies.

Our hearts go out to all of the families in California and Ireland who are dealing with the aftermath of the terrible tragedy. Their pain is unimaginable, but it has helped bring attention to a very serious issue involving the structural integrity of apartment buildings.

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