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Examples of Financial Abuse in Los Angeles Nursing Homes

Examples of Financial Abuse in Los Angeles Nursing HomesWhen most people think of nursing home abuse in Los Angeles, they conjure up images of unhygienic facilities, beatings, and physical restraints. However, many forget that abuse in nursing homes can also be financial in nature. In fact, financial abuse can sometimes be even more damaging than physical abuse; not just to the nursing home resident, but also to their family members. If you believe that your loved one is being financially abused at a nursing home, you may be wondering about your legal options.

Even if you have a remote suspicion that financial abuse is occurring, it is best to get in touch with a nursing home abuse attorney in Los Angeles as soon as possible. Our legal professionals can determine whether or not any laws are being broken, and whether financial abuse is actually taking place. We can then help you file a lawsuit against negligent parties in order to recover a settlement and pursue justice.

Here are some examples of what financial abuse might look like at a nursing home:

Fraud – Sometimes, nursing home employees use their residents to commit medical fraud. This means that seniors who require things like walkers and other expensive pieces of equipment do not receive them, despite paying for them. The fraudulent employees then pocket the cash for themselves. If you notice that your relative is not receiving medical equipment or medicine that they have been paying for, this might be the reason.

Forgery – Nursing home residents are also at risk of having their signatures forged. Bad actors may forge their signatures for a number of reasons. They may sign contracts in their name, obtain credit cards, and do all kinds of other things. This is not just nursing home abuse, but it is also identity theft, which is illegal.

Coercion or Intimidation – Sometimes, vulnerable seniors can be coerced or intimidated into transferring large sums of money into the accounts of their abusers. In some cases, seniors have been told that they will be thrown out onto the street unless they hand over the money in their accounts. Of course, seniors can also be coerced or “tricked” into transferring these assets without the threat of violence. For example, they may be told that they are signing a petition for the reinstatement of former president George W. Bush, when really they are handing over the deed to their house.

Theft – Sometimes, financial abuse is not complicated at all. Employees may be stealing money or items from your relative’s room. This is a clear example of financial abuse, and it is more common than you might think.

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

If you have been searching for a qualified, experienced nursing home abuse attorney in Los Angeles, look no further than Mary Alexander & Associates. We are committed to helping those who are being taken advantage of in nursing homes. Our elderly population deserves better, and those who have been preying on these vulnerable seniors should face consequences for their misconduct. Book a consultation today, and we can make sure that justice is served.


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