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How Our Understanding of Brain Injuries Has Changed in Recent Years

How Our Understanding of Brain Injuries Has Changed in Recent YearsRapid advances in medicine can be an encouraging prospect for brain injury victims in Los Angeles. These individuals may be living with serious impairments and difficulties, and addressing these concerns with new treatments and medical technologies has the potential to drastically improve lives. Fortunately, the medical world has taken significant leaps forward in its understanding of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). But what does this mean for you?

In order to actually take advantage of many of these new treatment options, brain injury victims must have the necessary funds to pay for them. This can prove to be quite a challenge, especially when brain injuries prevent victims from working and earning a living. Fortunately, these victims can recover considerable settlements by getting in touch with a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles and filing a lawsuit against negligent parties who caused the accident to take place. This settlement can help victims pay for the newest and most advanced treatments for brain injuries.

Our Understanding of MTBIs Has Been Advancing Steadily Since 1990

Before 1990, the concept of a mild traumatic brain injury (MBTI) was not very well understood. Since then, the medical community has made significant progress in this area. We now understand that a significant portion of those who suffer MBTIs end up with persistent physical, emotional, and cognitive issues. Doctors also recognize that even a mild brain injury can have a tremendous impact on a patient’s life. This is definitely something to keep in mind if you are considering a lawsuit.

Recent Studies Shed Light on the Issue

Recent studies have provided plenty of new information about TBIs. Some of these studies suggest that TBI-induced oxidative stress can cause accelerated aging and neurodegeneration. Studies have also looked into things like redox homeostasis, neuroinflammation, microglia activation, and neuroimmune-endocrine interaction. All of these factors could indicate new concerns for TBI patients that were previously misunderstood.

However, advances have also been made in diagnosis and treatment, giving patients more hope. So while we are slowly starting to realize that TBIs are much more serious and life-altering than we previously thought, we are also coming up with new ways to treat and diagnose these problems. Some of the most promising new treatment options include recreation and art therapy, dietary and herbal medicine, and cognitive-behavior therapy.

In terms of diagnosis, a range of advances have been made. These include Intracranial pressure monitoring (ICP), brain multimodality monitoring (MMM), brain tissue oxygen tension (PbtO2), and much more. These techniques help detect brain injuries and assess just how severe these injuries really are.

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

If you have been searching for a qualified personal injury attorney in Los Angeles, look no further than Mary Alexander & Associates. We have been helping injured victims in Los Angeles for years, and we are passionate about fighting for your rights. No one deserves to suffer unnecessarily from brain injuries, especially when there are treatment options available to improve the quality of these victims’ lives. Book your consultation today, and we can help you pursue a settlement so you can pay for the necessary medical treatment.

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