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Who is Liable After My Car Accident in Los Angeles?

Who is Liable After My Car Accident in Los Angeles?If you are suffering from injuries after a car accident in Los Angeles, you may be wondering whom you can sue. Filing a lawsuit after a car accident is often vital, as it provides you the financial support you need to deal with medical expenses, missed wages, and a variety of other associated damages. The first step in the process of filing a lawsuit is to determine whom you are going to sue. Sometimes, figuring this out is relatively easy. It might be obvious who is to blame for your crash. In other cases, the answer might not be so clear.

If you are wondering who might be liable for your car accident in Los Angeles, it is best to get in touch with a qualified personal injury attorney as soon as possible. With our help, you can pursue the compensation you deserve for your losses after your car accident. We can help gather the evidence you will need to prove who is liable for your accident and assess the full extent of your losses.

Other Drivers May be Liable

If your accident involved other drivers, the obvious position is to hold those negligent motorists accountable for your injuries. California is an “at-fault” state when it comes to car accidents, which means you will need to prove that another motorist was responsible for your accident. California also recognizes shared liability, which means that you could potentially hold numerous motorists liable for your injuries in certain situations. It is also worth pointing out that California follows a system of comparative negligence, which means that damages will be apportioned by the percentage of each person’s “fault” in the accident. Thanks to this system, you can sue negligent drivers even if you yourself were partially to blame (at “fault” to a certain percentage) for the crash.

The Car Manufacturer May be Liable

In some situations, the car manufacturer may be held liable for your injuries. Mechanical failures can lead to serious harm, and new technology today often causes more problems than it solves. Examples would be Tesla’s questionable self-driving technology and explosive batteries, which have caused numerous injuries over the last few years.

The City May be Liable

The City of Los Angeles may also be held liable for certain car accidents. One example would be if your accident (and subsequent injuries) were caused as a result of the roads being poorly maintained. Misleading or incorrect signs could also be the cause of your accident and injuries. However, it is important to remember that if you wish to pursue a claim against a city, you have a much shorter amount of time in which to file your claim than a typical lawsuit.

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

If you have been searching the Los Angeles area for a qualified, experienced personal injury attorney, look no further than Mary Alexander & Associates. We can help you determine who is liable for your car accident and can guide you through the legal process. We are committed to supporting injured victims after car accidents and we are ready to fight for your rights. Book your consultation today.

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